Installation NIKA-3 for crystal growth from the melt

Multifunction installation NIKA-3 is intended for the growth of a wide range of refractory oxide single crystals by Czochralski and Stepanov methods, such as sapphire, yttrium aluminum garnet, lithium tantalate, lithium niobate, molybdate gadolinium langasite, vanadates of rare earth metals, silicate and germanate of bismuth and many others.

Initial installation specifications of NIKA-3:

- Melting point below 2200 ° C;

- The diameter of the crucible to the melt up to 150 mm;

- Weight of the crystal up to 5 (10) kg;

- The sensitivity of the sensor is not less than 0.02 (0.04) g;

Speed ??of moving the upper shaft work from is 0.1 to 120.0 mm/h accelerated from 0.5 to 150.0 mm/min;

- The rotational speed is 1-100 rev/min;

Inverter type transistor (IGBT). Output power converter is100 kW;

- The frequency of 5-20 kHz. Output range power is from 1 to 100%. Efficiency of not less than 93% power output tolerance of ± 0,05%;

- The inert gas pressure in the chamber is not more 1,5h105Pa;

- Forevacuum limit of not more than 2.6 Pa.