Molecular beam epitaxy installation - RIBER MBE 49

Installation RIBER MBE49 is intended for growing semiconductor structures based on materials A3B5 c In, Ga, Al, As, P crystal matrix components on the substrates with diameter of 2, 3 and 4 inches. For getting streams of  V elements group installation is equipped with crackers of As standard design and P with two volumes for the white and red phosphorus. For metals of group III effusion sources two-band heating with special crucibles are used   to provide high stability of evaporated material flow for a long period of work. Doping of grown materials is provided by the single-band sources of Si with a low thermal inertia and the gas-phase carbon. Streams of group III elements are calibrated on the testimony of the ionization vacuum gauge, which is located in the epitaxial reactor. For calibration process the gauge moves to the zone of epitaxy, and then retracts to the starting position. Required arsenic and phosphorus flows are tracked by the gauge pressure readings Bayard-Alpert growth chamber.