Acoustic linear and nonlinear effects in the study of the dynamics of domain walls in ferroics

The study of the general laws of the dynamics of domain walls in various ferroics and multiferroics using the developed original acoustic techniques.

Currently, there is an intensive development of the field called “domain wall engineering”, the science of the principles and ways of creating regular stable domain structures for recording and storing information. In this regard, studies of the structure and dynamics of the transformation of multiscale domains present in ferroics and multiferroics are of great interest. The acoustic technique PUCOT (Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Composite Oscillator Technique) is used as the research method, which controls energy dissipation during oscillatory motion of the domain walls. The most effective method is the simultaneous study of linear and nonlinear absorption of acoustic oscillatory energy at ultrasonic frequencies, both for sensing the internal structure of domain walls and for studying the processes of domain wall pinning.

S. Kustov, A. Saren and A. Sozinov et al. / Scripta Materialia 178 (2020) 483–488