Substrates based on single crystals of gallium oxide

Ga2O3 is interesting material for UV applications as it is a wide gap semiconductor (4.6-4.7 eV) with sufficient conductivity so that we can talk about the creation on its base vertical geometry devices that can provide the greatest efficiency. Besides gallium oxide as a transparent conductive material can solve in the future not only the problem of the conductive substrate but also replace other oxides in the LED chip design,  used as transparent contacts for efficient light output from the LED chips.

A group of researchers led by Dr. Nikolaev V.I. is engaged in the development of technological processes in the growth of gallium oxide beta-Ga2O3 single crystals; clarifying the growth patterns and study the properties of the grown single crystals.

Grown gallium oxide beta-Ga2O3 single crystal


Substrate of beta-Ga2O3  


Transparence of substrates beta-Ga2O3