Research in the field of business applications and commercialization

IIIa. Structured languages of financial information communication

Rapidly incresing volume of financial information and necessity of its quick processing by computer algorithms lead to successful dissemination of a new standard of presenting and transfering business and financial data. The new standard called XBRL is based on XML format. It allows to structure information exchange by using metadata, defined in so called taxonomies. Introduction of computer stndardization in this process leads to automation of the process of analyzing the financial reports of companies, mutual funds, banks, stock exchanges, etc. development of XBRL opens new perspectives for using computer methods of information flow and Big Data analysis the sphere of finance.

IIIb. Modern methods of credit risk calculation

Currently the financial sector and regulatory authorities are looking for efficient approaches to credit risk management of portfolios of derivative securities. Research in this direction should focus on main driving forces, which define risk of an agent for the derivatives portfolio. The price of the credit portfolio may fluctuate significantly and is highly dependent on credit risk of the counterpart, as well as his interaction with market risks and behavioural risks. Subsequently we will use portfolio adjustments to prices due to counterparty credit risk (CVA) and the risk of bankruptcy of the agent - a financial institution (DVA).