Webometrics: ITMO Is Making its Way to the Top

While improving on the whole internationally, and on the national front, it has lost a few places in the BRICS ranking, now taking 130th place.  The methodology of the webometrics ranking is based on four criteria. The first, the web presence criterion evaluates universities according to the total amount of web-pages on the main university’s domain that are indexed by Google. The openness criterion evaluates science publication archives made by universities. The excellence criterion “counts” the number of cited articles according to SCImago Lab’ analyses. The visibility criterion, which demonstrates the overall online presence, is the most significant one.

Here are ITMO U’s results according to these criteria:

Since the results which came out in Jnuary, the top-7 Russian Universities have changed slightly. Higher School of Economics joined the top-7 this time round, having been placed 711th overall. Russia’s top-7 also includes Lomonosov Moscow State university (186th position), St. Petersburg State University (557th position), Novosibirsk State University (722th), Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (901th), ITMO University (905th) and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (921th).

Several days ago Webometrics Ranking Web of Repositories and Top Universities by Google Scholar Citations also published their results. According to these rankings ITMO University is in the top-3 in Russia.

Launched in 2004 Webometrics is considered one of the most authoritative amongst university’s web-rankings. It evaluates web activities of international universities and also indirectly grades educational and research achievements. Thus Webometrics aims to assist universities in presenting results of their scientific works and sharing them with the public.