General Information

Welcome to the Modeling and Design of Nanostructures Laboratory!

Staff of Modeling and Design of Nanostructures Laboratory (from left to right): Mrs Tatiana Pereziabova, Mr Ilia Vovk, Dr Anvar Baimuratov, Dr Ivan Rukhlenko, Mr Nikita Tepliakov, Dr Mikhail Leonov, and Dr Evegenii Kundelev

We are a young research group at the Information Optical Technologies Centre of ITMO University (Saint Petersburg, Russia). Established in June 2015, our laboratory conducts innovative theoretical studies for engineering light-matter interaction on the nanoscale, and provides theoretical support of experiments conducted at the International Research and Educational Centre for Physics of Nanostructures.

We design new classes of quantum nanostructures and model their optical behaviors upon various excitation conditions that are crucial for future optoelectronic applications in physics, biology, chemistry and medicine. Our research makes use of the unique physical properties of nanoparticles, such as quantum dots, nanorods and nanoplatelets, for controlling their interaction with light.

The topics of primary interest are quantum-dot spectroscopy, optics of quantum supercrystals, superchirality, and optical activity of inorganic nanoparticles for applications in chiral sensing and enantioenrichment.

The laboratory is engaged in teaching theoretical courses on nanophotonics and quantum nanostructures on both the master and PhD levels.