Time-Resolved Confocal Fluorescence Microscope MicroTime 100 (PicoQuant)

The laser scanning luminescence microscope MicroTime 100 (PicoQuant) is intended for the analysis of photoluminescence decay. MicroTime 100 allows optical visualization, 2D luminescence mapping, and 2D luminescence decay times mapping. The combination of a microscope system with time-correlated single photon counting technique provides both ultrahigh spatial and temporal resolution.

The MicroTime 100 contains the complete optics and electronics for recording fluorescence decays in small volumes by means of Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC). The system is based on a conventional upright microscope body. With the MicroTime 100, decay times down to some picoseconds can be resolved. The system allows operation at laser repetition rates as high as 84 MHz and count rates up to several million counts/sec.
A laser coupling module with sophisticated beam shaping and focusing optics allows the use of external pulsed diode lasers. The system is designed to be used with the picosecond diode lasers of the LDH Series. Standard dichroic filter blocks are utilized to guide the light onto the sample and to filter out the fluorescence light. Standard PMT modules or SPAD detectors can be provided in a single or dual channel detector configuration. All data acquisition as well as analysis functions of the MicroTime 100 are controlled by the SymPhoTime software.