General Information

Laboratory of Artificial Sensory Systems is an absolute leader in Russia and one of the world-leading scientific teams specializing in the field of R&D in chemical sensors an sensor systems for the analysis of complex liquid media. Unlike traditional analytical methods Artificial Sensory Systems may produce integral assessment of the media in terms of human flavour perception or sensory perception of other living beings. This is where the term itself starts. The studies include the development of sensing material and multisensor devices as well as multivariate process of high dimensional data from such devices.

The research process in the Laboratory is based on multiple advanced interactions with Russian and foreign collegues from over 15 countries of the world.

The head of the Laboratory A.V. Legin is one of the most cited Russian scientists in the field of analytical chemistry (CI about 2900, h-index 34).

The foreign co-head of the Laboratory Corrado di Natale is a good friend and co-author of Russian project partners and he is one of the most well-known specilists in the filed of sensory systems (CI about 5400, h-index 42).