General Information

International laboratoty "Mathematical methods in physics of complex materials", created in the framework of the Program for increasing competitiveness of University ITMO, is conducting research in three major fields.

At the first level of fundamental research in the field of quantum computing, we consider fundamental objectives and models of quantum systems on the basis of which quantum computing can be carried out.

At the second level, experts in finance and economics, in cooperation with the researchers from the first level, will be developing solutions for practically relevant models.

At the third level, in cooperation with the leading companies in the sphere of economics and finance, reseacrhser are solving relevant tasks, which can not be solved efficiently on the basis of traditional approaches.

At the same time, members of the laboratory are preparing specialists and PhD students in the new emerging field.

The laboratory is a self-contained research unit, contributes to the establishment of pedagogic and research community in St. Petersburg, based on synthesis of fundamental research and commercial applications.

The main objective of Fin Q is development of new solutions in the proposed reseacrh field, using relevant quantum theories and technologies.