PhD Programs

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Graduate and doctoral students, who defended candidate and doctoral dissertations

Macroscopic orientation of luminescent semiconductor anisotropic nanocrystals

Name: M.V. Mukhina
Head: V.G. Maslov

Major Code: [01.04.05] Optics

Degree: PhD

Resonant Raman scattering of light in nanostructures based on chalcogenides of cadmium and lead

Name: S.A. Cherevkov
Head: A.V. Baranov

Major Code: [01.04.05] Optics

Degree: PhD

Photoinduced transformation of molecules and molecular aggregates in near-field of metal nanostructures

Name: N.A. Toropov
Head: T.A. Vartanyan

Major Code: [01.04.05] Optics

Degree: PhD

Optical and photoelectric properties of nanostructures based on semiconductor nanocrystals and graphene derivatives for near-IR photonics

Name: Babaev Anton A.
Head: Litvin Aleksandr P.

Major Code: [1.3.6.] Optics

Degree: PhD.