Measuring bench based on spectrometers JASCO J-1500 and CPL-300 for analysis of circular dichroism in absorption and luminescence nanostructures

The JASCO J-1500 (JASCO) is designed for comprehensive circular dichroism analysis, since one spectrometer can measure CD, LD, and absorbance. A wide range of additional modes include Fluorescence, Fluorescence Detected CD, Fluorescence Detected LD, Fluorescence Polarization/Anisotropy, Optical Rotatory Dispersion, Magnetic CD, Stopped flow CD/Abs/Fluorescence and more. Accessories MCD-581 and PM-491 for measurements in variable (1.5_Т) and constant (1.6_Т) magnetic field, respectively, are available.


The JASCO CPL-300 (JASCO) is intended for the analysis of fluorescence of chiral samples. CPL-300 is composed of the two monochromator units, Mex and Mem. The Mex unit generates the monochromic depolarized natural light and irradiates to the sample, while the Mem unit occurs the functions such as a circularly-modulation, polarization, monochromator, and photomultiplier tube. This sequence of optical elements makes both the CPL spectra and the fluorescence spectra of chiral samples. Accessory PM-491 for measurements in constant (1.6 Т) magnetic field is available.