General Information

The research fields of the Laboratory are experimental and theoretical studies of physical processes responsible for optical properties of quantum nanostructures and hybrid structures on their basis, development of new methods for fabrication of the quantum nanostructures with desired properties and experimental and theoretical approaches for their characterization.

At present we study:

  • Physical processes controlling correlation between optical properties and shape, size, structure, and chemical composition of colloidal semiconductor quantum nanocrystals (quantum dots, rods, nanoplatelets, tetrapods, etc.) with luminescence in visible and near-IR spectral region.
  • Dynamics of quantum transitions in nanocrystals of different shape and dimensionality and their ensembles, including energy and phase relaxation of electron subsystem.
  • Self-assembly of colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals. Formation of ordered 2D or 3D nanostructures with optical and electrical parameters desired for perspective elements and devices of nanophotonics.
  • Formation and photophysical properties of hybrid nanostructures based on quantum nanocrystals coupled with different functionalized copartners (organic molecules, metal nanoparticles) and interactions between nanocrystals and copartners. Development of luminescent sensors and markers in visible and near-IR regions, photodetectors and phototransistors.