Helicopter stand

Helicopter stand
The stand is a structure made on the basis of the gimbals. A square frame is attached to the legs, standing on a large square base. The frame is fixed in such a way that it can rotate freely. The frame is attached strap, it can also be rotated relative to the frame. Thus quadrocopter mounted on the bar can rotate in the pitch and roll angles. Center quadrocopters gravity maintains its position that ensures the stability of the entire system.
The test stand made of wooden parts and metal parts, which provides a practical operation, ease of assembly and ease of construction.
As the aircraft used on the basis of quadrocopter 450 and DJI autopilot Ardupilot Mega 2.6 radiating frames with an inertial system (gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, barometer) and the signal receiver of the GPS satellite navigation system.
Used brushless motors with external rotor DJI 2213 (250 watts each), speed controllers DJI 30A Opto with current output of up to 30 A and an operating voltage of up to 14.8, the rotors of the left and right rotation with dimensions 10x4.5 or 8x4.5 inches, depending on the flight conditions. Also there is the possibility of obtaining data in real time using a personal computer via the XBee.